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The company carried out the theme of “govern the environment, tree image”
2018-5-1 13:23:14

On the morning of April 27, 2018, the company convened the start-up meeting of Suzhou Dafang's “Environmental Protection, Tree Image” theme event. He invited the senior experts from Baosteel Engineering Group Anhuan Jianping and the Group's Anhuan to carry out “6S “Knowledge training, using vivid cases to explain the significance of the company's “6S” activities and the connotation of the company’s strategic development, conducted a management diagnosis and analysis of the generous “6S” management status, and carried out a “government environment, tree image” for the generous. Thematic activities are guided.

The company is carrying out the transformation and construction of projects, agile, and process-oriented organizations. Its core is through transformation and organization construction. It closely focuses on market demands (customer opportunities), quickly transforms them into customer expectations and satisfactory products, and drives the quality of operations. Continue to improve, further enhance the ability to obtain profit, reach investors' expectation of sustained profitability, and realize the company vision of “becoming an excellent service provider of green heavy logistics solutions”.

Practice has proved that "brands and images are competitive and important productivity." Based on the strategic needs of the company's vision and positioning, it is imperative to further promote the work with the image of “supplier, customer, employee, and society” that satisfies the satisfaction of Suzhou Dafang. Its connotation is “to 6S (consolidate, rectify, clean, clean, literate, Security is the key to the promotion of the corporate image to a new height around the theme of “govern the environment and the image of the tree.” The theme activity of “environmental control and tree image” is to show the public the essential characteristics of Suzhou Dafang, and then leave the company to the public. The overall and comprehensive evaluation impression is not only an external expression of the company's spirit, but also a valuable asset of the company.

Tian Xuehong, the company's general manager, made specific arrangements for the theme activity “Shaping the Image and Managing the Environment”. He pointed out: “Based on the management requirements for improving the quality of operations and improving the core competitiveness of the company, Suzhou Dafang conducts the theme activities of “governance and tree image”. With the "6S" management tool as the starting point, driving employee behavior, customer satisfaction, basic corporate management, and operational efficiency enhancement, we will consolidate Suzhou's generous soft and hard power, meet challenges, seize opportunities, and present generous gestures. charm!".




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