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3050 tons - the world's single largest weight elevated bridge achieves perfect teleport
2018-3-15 13:12:08


Suzhou Dafang undertook the successful implementation of the national key R&D project "experimental rapid replacement of complete sets of technologies and equipment for bridge superstructure". To achieve the world's single largest bridge (3,050 tons) and quickly remove the project.

S26 Highway Entry Project - World's Largest Monolithic Weight Bridge Rapidly Removed S26 Highway Entry (G15 Highway ~ Jiahe Elevated) Mainline Elevated Highway S26 from the east to the southeast across current Huaxu Highway to North Qing Road East . In order to connect the elevated roads of the S26 highway into the city to connect the elevated roads of the S26 highway into the urban area, the three-span bridges of the Beiluo high-lying site must be quickly dismantled under the premise of ensuring the smooth traffic in the urban areas.


As the dismantling area is located in the sub-center of the city, it faces the following difficulties: First, the time required to move the beam is short. In order to ensure the surrounding traffic, it is necessary to complete the movement of the beam within one week of March 10-16; secondly, the demolition of the bridge section belongs to. The “four super” problem, namely overweight, oversize, over-slant, and indeterminate concrete curved box girders, poses high requirements for structural safety, equipment safety, process safety, traffic safety, and environmental safety;

It is difficult to organize and manage.

During the demolition period, the surrounding vehicles operated as usual. They did not implement a wide range of sealing issues for the S26R-7 standard. The company proposed the construction requirements and principles of safety, efficiency, efficiency, environmental protection, green, and low traffic impact. Move to implement the rapid removal of bridges with the world's single largest weight (3,050 tons).

The use of SPMT module car to achieve intelligent migration to achieve the "four super" concrete curve box girder project, using the international advanced SPMT model

Block car, 132-axis SPMT, 12 PPU soft-cars and soft-vehicle joints walking synchronously to realize intelligent transport of modules. Realizing the leveling of the existing beam through the beam bottom reconstruction, and using the module truck-foundation heavy load test and the supporting system loading test to complete the mechanical control in the cutting and moving process, which perfectly solves the problems of large noise and long period in traditional cutting methods. , low security and stability issues have minimized the

Side traffic and residents' influence.

More importantly, this process covers the environmental protection of waste disposal, clean-up and acceptance of the site, and adheres to the people-centered concept of green sustainable development. The entire process quickly removes technical safety, environmental protection, and maximizes the protection of bridge-side traffic roads and surrounding areas. The normal passage of residents. Reversing the stereotype of traditional demolition engineering machines roaring and sky-lifting.


In the process of slope adjustment, synchronous jacking and multi-directional transportation, intelligent monitoring systems, transport support systems, and drop beam support system dismantling technologies have been applied, which fully realize the standardization, refinement, mechanization, and intelligence of the engineering process. The total time of moving the entire bridge was only 5 days. During this period, the traffic was only terminated twice (no more than 8 hours). The time for the single beam to move the beam was 2 hours. It was a silent and unobtrusive work.


The process of shifting the beam takes place during the night, with no impact on the surrounding environment and traffic during the day.


The bridge with the largest single weight (3,050 tons) in the world quickly removes the bridges with a length of 66m, a width of 18m and a maximum single weight (3050 tons). The bridge is quickly removed. The entire bridge removal process takes up to 40 minutes. Road closure time 1 hour 20 minutes (March 15)

Perfect teleportation.

Suzhou Dafang undertook the successful implementation of the national key R&D project "experimental rapid replacement of complete sets of technology and equipment for bridge superstructures". It has achieved social impact reduction, enhanced innovation value, promoted technological progress, promoted industrial upgrading as the concept implementation, and served as a bridge to the city. Rapid and green dismantling opens a new chapter.


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