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The company vigorously promotes the transformation of projects, agile and process-oriented organizations
2017-9-28 17:13:50

At present, we are focusing on the bottlenecks in survival and development, and promoting project, agile, and process-oriented organizational transformation. We will examine our organizational capabilities and examine our initiative in terms of “customer value creation and generous core competitiveness”. Market capabilities examine our ability to survive and sustain development. Managers at all levels must fully realize that organizational capabilities are an effective entry point for the promotion and promotion of the company’s business model innovation. The blueprint for business model innovation must become a reality and needs the support of this capability, namely: “It must be formed Matching organizational capabilities, timeliness, and efficiency have become the new focus of competition, and agility has become a strategic competitive ability for manufacturing companies to survive and sustain development in a change environment." All staff members should establish the belief in the existence and change of self and look up to God, improve their thinking, and improve their minds, making it impossible to turn dreams into reality.

Under the new economic norm, if you try to respond through partial and gradual changes, you will have difficulty in development and success. It is imperative that you change yourself quickly and completely! The company has made every effort to build a project agile process organization, and its direct direction is to satisfy the generous customers, so that agility is always rooted in the grand culture, the core is how to effectively improve the company's operating economy, in order to improve our business performance. Concentric and generous, with a zero-tolerance attitude towards cost, a zero-tolerance attitude toward quality, and a zero-tolerance attitude toward delivery.


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