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  • Name:DF550 Metal crack detector
  • Date:2018-8-8 16:00:15
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Application: It is widely used in laboratory, special inspection institute, shipbuilding, petroleum and natural gas equipment, aerospace, military, chemical, electric, steel, metallurgy, railway, automobile manufacturing, machinery, boiler and pressure vessel, special equipment, oil pipeline, construction industry, mould manufacturing and so on.

Functions and characteristics:

High speed, high brightness, 640*480 high resolution color display, normal work under strong light, one key operation, so that the flaw detection is very simple and quick. 

One touch operation and quick detection, hint the flaw information at any time. 

Zero point, sound speed and K value of automatic test probe 

Automatic production of DAC and AVG curves 

Automatic gain and search memory maximum wave 

Automatically display the location of defect echo (level, depth, distance, equivalent value). 

Automatic gate sound and light alarm (door position, door width, free to adjustment of door height) 

Free handoff 200 groups of flaw detection channels 

Free entry standards for various industries 

Full imported primary board devices 

Large storage capacity, the space of 8000 detection data, the data will not loss when power failure. 

Ultra long working hours, no memory efficient lithium battery, continue working time greater than 8 hours. 

Ethernet high-speed data transmission, browser directly read print inspection report 

Long time dynamic video recording of detection waveform 

Channel password settings, detection personnel can pre detect their own detection channel, permanent preservation is not modified by others. 

Two way communication, users can edit their own report forms

Technical parameters: 

Frequency range: 0.4-20MHz 

Gain range: 0-120dB, 0.1, 2.0, 6.0dB step 

Dynamic range: 32dB 

Vertical linear: <3% 

Horizontal linear: 1m is 0 

Scanning range: 0.5-11000mm 

Resolution: >40dB 

Sensitivity remainder: >62dB 

Work mode: single / double, penetrating 

Pulse generator: variable pulse generator 

Damping: 50/100/400 Omega auto matching 

Detection mode: half wave / radio frequency 

Inhibition: 0~99% linear inhibition 

Display ambient temperature: -20~50 C 

Charger: 220~240V AC input 

Working voltage: 7.4V + 0.3V 


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