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Suzhou Dafang signing contract for the Russian shipyard
2016-3-19 15:15:08

    On March 18, 2016, through bidding for the market, Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Suzhou Generous won the order for several heavy-duty hydraulic flatbed trucks in Russia for the first time in an amount of 25 million yuan, marking that the heavy-duty truck product with Baosteels independent intellectual property rights has opened up a new market in Europe field.

    At the beginning of the new year, Suzhou generously learned about the first major bidding project in the international market. The management of the company attached great importance to the project. The leaders of the company personally planned the marketing plan to guide the bidding and business negotiation of the overseas business department and make decisive decisions during the crucial moment of the negotiation. Based on the ever-changing design requirements of our customers, we provide timely and prompt response. Overseas Business Dept. and Manufacturing Dept. make meticulous preparations for business negotiation, customer visit and on-site performance of the project, and actively respond to the requests from domestic and overseas flatbed trucks Manufacturers such as Germany CHEUERLE, South Koreas RAINHO, well-known domestic manufacturers participated in the fierce competition, and finally Suzhou generous by virtue of technological innovation, rapid manufacturing, quality products and services, superior performance eventually won the customers highly recognized, the successful signing. Customers believe that Suzhou Dafang, as the leading enterprise engaged in R & D and manufacturing of special vehicles in China, has chosen the products of Baosteel Engineering Group to represent the highest manufacturing level and mutual benefit of Chinas heavy-duty transportation equipment. After the contract order was obtained, Suzhou generously designed the vehicle related technology according to the specific requirements of the user and implemented the optimized disposal so as to better meet the working conditions requirements of the users.

    Since the beginning of this year, the Company has stepped up overseas market expansion and focused on promoting new module trucks and new heavy-duty flatbed trucks and other products. This project Suzhou generous in the market downturn in recent years to undertake the first European project, is also the first time in Suzhou generously into the Russian market, & nbsp; the project is one of the landmark projects in the development of Russia in the Far East, designed to boost Russia Less developed eastern economy. This project is also an important part of President Putins strategic plan of rejuvenation. It is of great significance to pioneering the Russian equipment manufacturing market. It is expected to continue to expand and occupy Russias market share in the future and lay a solid foundation for expanding overseas markets.  

    At present, Suzhou generous production site a busy scene, the operation of the process staff orderly undertaking new contract for the Russian heavy load flatbed and work hard, everyone according to the planned node assembly and assembly, quality control, will be completed in the delivery of this year.


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