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Division I was the municipal government as a harmonious labor relations business
2013-10-16 14:36:35

    Recently, our company won the title of "Harmonious Labor Relations" by virtue of the orderly, harmonious and stable relationship between the enterprise and the employees, and won the medal of "Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise" issued by Suzhou Municipal Peoples Government.

    Since the establishment of the company, in the process of rapid development, while strictly managing, it also actively advocates humane care, pays attention to communication with employees, devotes itself to establishing standardized and harmonious labor relations, and organizes employees when it comes to the immediate interests of employees Representative Congress negotiates with employees on an equal footing; Actively educates employees on various knowledge and skills to enhance their overall quality, enhance their sense of belonging and enthusiasm; Enhance staff productivity through staff training activities and skills competitions, thereby significantly increasing work efficiency , To promote win-win business and employees; provide good logistical support for employees, enhance the sense of belonging of employees.

   The access to the "harmonious labor relations," the title will also promote the formation of self-regulatory companies, self-motivation and self-improvement of the management mechanism, and create a good working environment for good faith, so that staff enthusiasm can be fully exerted, vitality and vitality for the companys development .



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