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Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Party Secretary Jiang Hongkun to visit the Secretary
2012-8-20 14:30:24

    On the morning of August 15, Jiang Hongkun, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, led the leaders of the municipal party committee and government and his party to visit and generously inspect the work. Ren Zhiming, chairman of the company, Li Rongsheng, general manager of the company received the warm reception and accompanied the visit to the production workshop. Secretary Jiang and his entourage first came to the production workshop and carefully watched the production of various vehicles. Afterwards, they enthusiastically walked to the test site to observe the live demonstration of the first largest tonnage flatbed truck in China.

    Jiang Hongkun learned that many generous products of Suzhou have broken the monopoly of imports and exported to the international market and created many firsts in the industry. He greatly appreciated and pointed out that Suzhou is currently in the period of transformation and development. Suzhou is generous with independent intellectual property rights Technical enterprises should be bold and innovative. Municipal Party committees and municipal governments should strongly support the establishment of the best enterprises and make more contributions to the development of the national industry.


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