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Our company was named Jiangsu 2012 quality and trustworthy unit
2012-3-2 13:41:46

    Recently, Suzhou Generous Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "Quality and Credit Standing Unit" by the SARFT General Manager of Jiangsu Province and issued the certificate. This is Suzhou Generous adherence to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Efficiency", abide by the Code of Conduct of Integrity , Continue to provide users with first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service obtained results.


    "Reputable quality and credibility" is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, is the source of unbeaten enterprises, is the base of pioneering and innovative. The company was rated as "Jiangsu 2012 quality and trustworthy unit" is on the generous people always adhere to the integrity of management, always adhere to the whole quality assurance, total quality services, the achievements of the affirmation, but also for future work incentives and spur .


    . Suzhou Dafang will continue to advocate the social style of "keeping integrity and re-quality" and give full play to the exemplary role of "keeping integrity and relying on quality". We will do a good job in quality management and continue to improve product quality management to better products Quality and reputation for the majority of customer service, to win the trust of users, with more excellent returns to the community.


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