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Zhang Kean, vice president of Baoshan Iron and Steel Works to the Division investigation
2012-2-27 13:39:33

    February 23-24, Zhang Gang, deputy general manager of Baosteel Engineering and Technology Group and his party to the company research and investigation.


   Vice President Zhang Ke Nan first heard the basic situation of Suzhou and R & D work report, after hearing the report, Vice President Zhang Kenan fully affirmed the achievements of Suzhou generous achievements in 2011, and the companys next product development and market expansion The work put forward constructive suggestions.


   After the report was over, Vice President Zhang Ke-nan and his team held a cordial discussion with Suzhou Dafang New Product Research and Development Team and listened to the detailed reports of the various task forces. Vice President Zhang Ke-nan said Baosteel Engineering Group is very concerned and valued about the generous development of Suzhou. The group company intends to generous research and development in Suzhou, the establishment of business development related projects collaborative group, in cooperation with Suzhou generous research and development and marketing efforts, I hope Suzhou generous to give full play to technological superiority, the use of group resources to carry out technical research and development and marketing. 


   During the investigation, Vice President Zhang Kenan, accompanied by Ren Zhiming, the chairman of Suzhou Dafang, and Jiang Anyi, executive director visited the R & D Center Microelectronics Research Institute and the workshop, and with great interest, came to watch the demonstration of special vehicles at the company test drive.


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