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The company held 2012 annual security work conference
2017-12-21 13:42:56

    Security is no small matter, the responsibility is heavier than Taishan, February 17 in the companys executive office building 309 conference room held 2012 annual work safety conference.


    The meeting was presided over by Sun Wanbin, director of production. On behalf of the Safety Committee of Manufacturing Equipment Security Office, the Safety Committee first reported the work on safety in 2011 and laid out the key safety work for 2012.


    At the meeting, the assembly and debugging workshop, the workshop of parts and components and the painting workshop summed up the problems in the safety work in 2011 in accordance with their respective situations and agreed that they should pay high attention to safety work, carry out preaching on safe operating procedures and improve safety work Consciousness, timely maintenance of equipment, to ensure safe operation, to prevent accidents.


    Finally, Jiang Anyi, an executive director, stressed: All departments in the company, especially the manufacturing department, should comprehensively raise their awareness of safety, strictly implement the safety rules and regulations, implement the safety commitment of all employees, sign the departmental safety letters of responsibility and special undertakings, and establish a regional network accountability system At the same time, it is required that the equipment safety room should comprehensively promote the environmental management system and occupational health management system this year so as to achieve the goal of safety production for the Company and work hard to realize the rapid development of Suzhou.



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