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After the company leaders to work the first day of the Spring Festival visit to New Year
2012-1-30 13:35:29

    Spring breeze, Vientiane update. On the morning of January 29, in the spring of spring, less than 8 am in the morning, the staff members went to work one after another with the joy of the festival. At this moment, the companys leadership team had already waited for the first day after the holiday in front of the companys door The majority of colleagues work, and we greet the New Year one by one. 8:15, a burst of lively firecrackers sound, meaning "good luck" was fired firecrackers, indicating that Suzhou generous and will usher in a happy and auspicious harvest year.

    After work, Chairman Ren Zhiming, Party Secretary Zhou Zhanbo Su Metallurgical Heavy Industry, Executive Director Jiang Anyi and the company leadership team members first came to the company, the workshop to work the first day after the holiday to send employees the blessing of the Spring Festival, Ying Ying Chun Yi and Caring for each employee.

    Everywhere a company leaders, affectionately greeting employees how festive New Year? The road is smooth? And encourage everyone to work hard in the new year, move quickly to work status and work hard for this years work goal. Leaders cordial greetings, slightest words, inspiring staff, so that employees are encouraged, feel the affectionate warmth of the family of large companies.

    As the saying goes, people diligently spring early. All departments of the company welcomed the first day after the holiday to work with a brand new look and enjoyed a happy and peaceful atmosphere everywhere. Every employees face was also hung with a smile from the heart and showed that the generous people were active in the new year Enterprising, high-spirited, towards a higher goal of spiritual outlook.


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