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The company held the 2012 Spring Festival delegation to visit
2012-1-17 13:34:07

    Singing and dancing He New Year, Tiger Leap Dragon and another spring. On the evening of January 17, at the imminent arrival of the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Company held the 2012 New Year Parade in the New Hu Great Hotel. All the generous colleagues in Suzhou and the leaders of the major departments of the Company took part in the congratulation with He Xinchun.

    Before the party, Chairman Ren Zhiming delivered a warm New Year message to the Board of Directors and delivered a New Years greeting to all employees. He thanked everyone for their hard work in the past year and encouraged everyone to further boost their motivation in the new year. Gifted, pioneering and innovative, writing 2012 more brilliant new chapter.

    The party kicked off in the cheerful rhythm of the singing and dancing "hee hee", the light dance stepped out of the style of the staff of the company keeping up with the trend of the times. The evening featured chorus, opera and solo performances, Third prize, the party demonstrated the passion and vitality of the leadership and staff of the company, passionate layout, originality, brilliant performances, melodious singing on stage, audience applause, the party was pushed in a laugh and laughter A climax, filled with joy and harmony of the festive atmosphere.

    In the end, the party was successfully concluded with the beautiful singing of "Unforgettable Tonight" co-hosted by all the company leaders. The group visit will show the vigorous spirit of generous, progressive and enterprising, creating a strong atmosphere of harmony and generousness. Let us take both hands together and sing the song of hope in 2012 all the way, marching forward.



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