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The company held 2012 annual working conference
2012-1-15 13:31:57

Continue to promote entrepreneurial culture and innovative spirit

In order to achieve generous Suzhou "second leapfrog" development and work hard


    January 13, generous working conference in 2012 in Suzhou Office auditorium successfully held.

    Executive Chairman Jiang Anyi made a 2011 annual work report, reviewed and summarized the major work in 2011 and analyzed the market situation in 2012. Deploy 2012 key work. Put forward the operating principle of 2012: grasping the foundation, mentioning ability and seeking development.

    At the meeting, the advanced individuals who won the glorious title of "2011 Companys Advanced Workers and Soldiers" were awarded and presented certificates.

    Finally, Chairman Ren Zhiming made an important speech. The chairman of the board of directors pointed out that the promotion of the existing product market is the major task at present; speeding up the R & D work process and insisting that technological innovation is the source of subsequent development; standardizing internal management, guarding against risks and promoting mechanism innovation are the cornerstones of enterprise development, Team building and cultural construction is the fundamental issue of enterprise development.  

    The meeting held: In 2012, it is an extremely important year for generous recovery from stabilization to realization of the second leapfrog development. We sincerely hope that all staff will unite as one sincerely, work together solidly, stick to technological innovation and promote management innovation. Grasp the initiative of development and promote the sound and fast development of Suzhou.


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