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Baosteel Engineering Technology Group unions Standing Committee held in our company
2011-10-31 11:37:13

   October 26, 2011 Leaders from Baosteel Engineering Group and major divisions (subsidiaries) in charge of labor union held a meeting (enlarged) of the Standing Committee of the Trade Union of Baosteel Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. in Room 309, Suzhou Duteng.

    The meeting focused on the bright spots and shortcomings in the work of Baosteel Engineering Group and major divisions (subsidiaries) this year and the work direction of trade unions next year, including the suggestions and opinions on promoting the work in the "Eight-person Working Mechanism Manual."

    Chairman of SUHI Heavy Industry Association, generous Executive Director of Suzhou Jiang An-yi and his comrades spoke highly of the development of Suzhou and trade union work. At the meeting, Chairman Chen Yue and the attending comrades gave unanimous favorable comments on the work features of the information report of the work of the SUIT Heavy Industry Union.

    Finally, Chairman Chen Yue of Baosteel Engineering put forward suggestions and requirements on the following work for the trade unions: pointing out that in combination with the production and management targets of this year, especially the difficulties, key areas and work related to the overall situation, we must set priorities, carefully design and list projects and actively organize , Go all out.

    After the meeting, Chen Yue, head of Baosteel Engineering Technology Group, inspected R & D Center Microelectronics Research Institute and production workshop.



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