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Xu Lejiang, chairman of Baosteel Group and his party to inspect our work
2011-9-26 11:00:46

    September 17, Xu Lejiang, chairman of Baoshan Iron and Steel Group to our inspection.

    Mr. Xu and his entourage first visited the assembly shop of the company and learned with great interest the production and assembly processes of various vehicles and required the company to pay attention to product quality and safety in production. Subsequently, at the company test drive, watch a special car demo. After that, he visited Microelectronics Institute. When he learned that the companys control system components technology has reached the advanced level in China, he encouraged his research staff to redouble their efforts to carry forward the generous entrepreneurial spirit of Suzhou, expand the application market of control system components, and effectively transform technology into productivity .

    Subsequently, Jiang An-yi, the executive director of the company, introduced the generous development of Suzhou and gave presentations and explanations on the key topics of the "863" plan currently undertaken by the company. He also introduced the preliminary plan for the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the company.

    Finally Xu Xujiang, chairman made an important speech, Xu Dong stressed: Suzhou generous entrepreneurial culture, innovative spirit valuable, hope that the joint venture will continue to retain a good corporate culture, focusing on mechanisms and institutional innovation, explore business model innovation, increase scientific and technological research and development, Reserve new products, occupy new markets, and focus on the five-year plan for the next phase of development, providing an inexhaustible source of momentum for generous development. Xu Dong emphasized that Baosteel Group and Baosteel Engineering Group fully supported the generous development and supported scientific research funds, market resources and new plant construction planning, shaping the brand of Baosteel Suzhou and making the company stronger and stronger. From Domestic began to go international.

    Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group General Manager Jiang Weimin, party secretary Chen Weidong, Baosteel Smelter Heavy General Manager, Suzhou generous chairman Ren Zhiming, Suzhou generous general manager Li Rongcai, accompanied by the inspection work.


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