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Baosteel Engineering and Technology Group General Manager Jiang Weimin and his entourage came to inspect the factory
2011-6-4 10:51:25

    On June 4, Jiang Weimin, general manager of Baosteel Engineering and Technology Group, Zhang Jianzhong, deputy general manager, Shi Xianrong, minister of strategic planning department and secretary of the board of directors visited the generously-owned Suzhou company.

    JIANG Xiangyi, Executive Director of Suzhou Dafang, reported on the progress of the joint venture project, the current key work and production and operation, as well as the preliminary thinking on the further development of Suzhou.

    At the briefing, Jiang Dong emphasized: At present, it is necessary to intensify efforts to seize the market and achieve the operating targets for the year. To proceed with the formulation and implementation of such major issues as "generous companys development plan for 2011-2015", accelerate the implementation of the work, keep in mind the mission, strive for excellence, Planning and development goals of enterprises, Suzhou generous to become the industrys first brand and work hard! To enhance Baosteel Engineering brand and make a contribution to social influence!

    At the meeting, General Manager Jiang Weimin of Baosteel Engineering concluded his speech: Suzhou generous has a good R & D team, a truly innovative team, constantly thinking about issues, innovative, I think a company, a team of innovative and future potential, This good ability should be maintained.

    Baosteel came in, not only to solve generous production and management issues, but also concerned about the future development. This years production tasks to be completed, the future plan to draw a good plan.

    Finally, Jiang Weimin, general manager, encouraged everyone to say: First, the mechanism of innovation: Incentive mechanism, the original is good, to maintain, but also to bold innovation. Second, technological innovation: to win more national projects, group projects, Baosteel Engineering Group Corporation will give strong support, generous genetic factor is the technological innovation. Third, the process of innovation in business models, the development of leasing + manufacturing and sales. Fourth, the overseas market: consider the layout of overseas markets early, looking for investment hot spots in the future. Five: emphasis on service: our products are stress service, the product should be hard enough, the service should be soft enough. Now it is EP, after EP + S (design + manufacturing services), such as leasing, a package solution. Finally, I wish Suzhou generous as soon as possible.

    After the meeting, Jiang Weimin, general manager of Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group and his entourage visited the R & D Center Microelectronics Research Institute and workshop under the leadership of generous Chairman Ren Zhiming of Suzhou, Jiang Anyi, Executive Director and Li Rongcai, general manager.


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