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Technical enough "hard" service enough "soft" to have the market (interview with Suzhou Generous Special Vehicles Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Li Rong only)
2009-1-6 10:41:25

    This year, Suzhou Generous Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. will have an annual output of more than 200 units, and its sales revenue will exceed 400 million yuan. In 2003, the company only had an annual output of 10 flatbed trucks, with a total output value of several ten million yuan and a sales revenue of 140 million yuan in 2007. From this set of figures, it is not difficult to see the speed of development of Suzhou generous in recent years, but how is this speed created? Reporter interviewed generous Suzhou Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Rong only.

Not afraid to put into technology

    "The proportion of annual R & D investment in the company is not less than 9% of annual sales revenue." According to Li Rongcai, it is the main reason for the rapid development of the company that it is not afraid to invest more efforts in R & D and hone out the excellent technology.

    He said the company has invested heavily in technology, especially in the field of parallel technology, which has also made it a success for Suzhou to enter the world market. Through continuous research and development, Suzhou generous and the car technology matures. From 150 tons to 1,000 tons of large goods, can be more than one size of the flatbed and the car to achieve transport. When Daewoo Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. chose flatbed trucks, it conducted inspections of enterprises in many countries. At first, the company believed that the technology of German companies was superior to that of Chinese enterprises. In response, Suzhou generous and not discouraged, but invested millions of dollars in capital, repeated testing, but also sent three engineers to the shipyard owned by Daewoo went to the site for testing, by means of 6 flatbed and car, the success of carrying 16 meters high , Weighing 3,000 tons of large ship segments. Because of its outstanding technical strength, Suzhou generously won the recognition of Daewoo, the two sides signed a one-time nearly 50 million flatbed orders.

    "We are confident of our technology and we are not afraid of comparing our customers," said Li Rongcai. In the face of customer orders, Suzhou generous is not in a hurry to order "catch" come, but customers first examine the overall strength of enterprises, and even suggested that customers select several companies in the industry comprehensive comparison and then decide. This confidence and frankness has greatly contributed to the companys market development. Although Suzhou generous flatbed than other manufacturers of similar products more expensive, but still very popular with customers. At present, the company has brought together outstanding technical personnel in the specialized fields of mechanical, electronic control, hydraulic, micro-electric and vehicle engineering in China and has formed a research and development team capable of developing products independently and with innovative awareness.

Do not speak out conditions of service

    Excellent technology is the basic guarantee of product quality, but in the product life cycle will inevitably be some problems, so the product after the service affects the user experience. Some shipping companies in the after-sales service, requiring the shipyard to pay the money to repair the phenomenon of the product is not uncommon. The generous Suzhou does not speak of the conditions, will repair the product in the first place. Li Rongcai said that once the generous flatbed in Suzhou appeared problems, no matter what the cause, do not talk about the conditions for the first time to repair the product to ensure that does not delay the use of the shipyard.

    At the same time, if there are problems with flatbed trucks manufactured by other manufacturers, they also actively provide repair services. Earlier, Zhejiang Hong Ming Shipyard, Jiangsu Branch into the shipyard from other manufacturers to buy a flatbed, the use of a fault occurred, inviting generous for their repair in Suzhou. In the process, the two sides deepened their understanding that the generous product quality and service attitude of Suzhou were recognized. After that, Suzhou became the fixed supplier of the flatbed trucks of these two shipyards. Weihai Sanjin Shipyard purchased three flatbed trucks from Germany, which failed after many years of operation. Suzhou generously operated after its overhaul. Therefore, Weihai Sanjin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. placed the orders of 4 flatbed trucks to Suzhou Generous. Currently, Jiangsu New Century, China Shipbuilding Chengxi, Nantong COSCO Kawasaki and other shipping companies have become Suzhou generous turn customers. Li Rongcai said that in the future the company will continue to maintain its investment in R & D and ensure the quality of its service. It will strive to exceed 1 billion yuan in sales revenue next year. In particular, it will vigorously expand the international market, On the basis of obtaining 100 million yuan export orders this year, they will go up to a higher level.


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